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Spring, 2007

Ernie Passeos, our Savvy CEO, owns Liberty Harley- Davidson dealerships in Boston Heights and Akron and is first a ‘motorhead’. He loves the business so much that bikes are a part of his life day in and day out...  (click here to read the full issue).

Winter, 2006

Jim Levine, a recognized leader in the field of security operations, was co-founder of Vance International, a Washington, D.C. based security company that provides executive personal protection, training and consulting services in the U.S. and abroad. When Mr. Levine’s business was sold, he was determined to participate in a quality opportunity to serve families and their children. CHABAM, a first of its kind child development business, is the result of this interest...   (click here to read the full issue).

Fall, 2005

Bill Brake is EVP Eastern Operations for Mittal Steel USA - the world’s largest steel producer and one of the lowest-cost, highest-margin producers in the industry. Mittal steel purchased ISG in April 2005. Mittal’s Eastern Operations includes facilities in Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, West Virginia and Trinidad and is represented by 8,000 team members...   (click here to read the full issue).

Winter, 2005

Jonathan Husni is President of Acendex. Since 1988, Acendex has been assisting Northeast Ohio organizations in planning, engineering, installing and maintaining their networked information systems. Along the way, Acendex has developed expertise in identifying issues and resolving the information management challenges that stymie businesses and other “systems” providers. Today, the Acendex process Vital IT systematically assesses and aligns information and communications systems to serve client goals and objectives, then continues to measure progress along the way...   (click here to read the full issue).

Tips and Advice

Cleveland-based business consultant Lee Nielsen said e-mail is great for setting up meetings, reducing telephone tag and sharing reports. The president of Nielsen Group said the medium is also good for making sure colleagues have information for meetings, while the telephone works best when an in-person conversation can't happen.

"But any business conversation that involves personal issues or problems such as performance are best managed one on one," she said. "And never send a negative e-mail to a colleague sitting nearby."

"Do not say anything you wouldn't want posted on the company bulletin board. E-mail is truly forever," Nielsen said.

Cleveland Plain Dealer
11 December, 2006