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Interview on WJCU: Making the Case Featuring Lee Nielsen

Lee Nielsen is a guest editor for the COSE Mindspring online publication, an interactive resource for business owners everywhere. Her blog is available to the public. Here are some recent blog entries:

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Networking Rules

Get Smart Now. You will find yourself looking for work.

Begin networking before you lose your job. Follow up with interesting people you meet anywhere: professional association meetings, school board meetings, friend of a friend, etc. Schedule a coffee to talk about an idea, or send them an article of interest.

As you meet interesting people ask 'How can I help you?' and follow through. Amazingly most job seekers forget to give back. This is the one thing you can do that will help you most.

Let people know you are looking for work. Since management jobs sometimes take months to secure, keep your network posted on your progress. Email a monthly update to your entire circle to keep them aware of what is (or is not) happening, and to keep you top of mind as they hear of possibilities. If they don't hear from you, they may think you have landed a job.

Ask your network if they know anyone in a company you are looking at. Try to find a friendly voice in the company who can tell you what the company is really like, and who can help support your candidacy.

Cleveland Plain Dealer
August, 2004